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Creating a QR Code

How to Set Date and Time Schedule for QR Code on QRCodeDynamic

Setting a date and time schedule for a QR code allows you to control when the QR code is active and accessible.

By defining a specific time frame, you can ensure that the QR code remains functional during specific dates or hours.

Discover these instructions to manage the availability of your QR code effectively, and set a date & time schedule quickly.

Step 1: Sign up and sign in to your account, and go to the dashboard

going to the dashboard from the homepage

Step 2: To create a URL QR code select "URL" and make the necessary adjustments

creating url qr code

To set a date and time schedule for your QR code, you need to make it dynamic. Enable "Dynamic QR code" and create your URL QR code by clicking "Create."

Important: You need to use a dynamic URL QR code to use this feature.
going to the links settings

Click on the "Links" from the left side to adjust your URL QR code's links.

clicking edit of a link

Step 5: From the "Temporary URL" part, toggle on "Schedule"

turning on schedule option from temporary url part

That way, you will be able to set an exact date when the link will work.

setting start and end date to a link

That's it! By following these steps, you can set a date and time schedule for your QR code. The QR code will be functional and accessible within the defined time frame.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Feel free to contact us!