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How Account Payments Work on QRCodeDynamic

Understanding how account payments work on QR Code Dynamic is essential for managing your subscription and ensuring uninterrupted access to the platform.

Let’s explore how account payments work together.

QR Code Dynamic’s pricing plans are divided into three categories which are Guest, Free, and Pro.

qr code dynamic pricing details

Guest Visitor details

If you want to use QR Code Dynamic as a guest, you will have access to 13 QR code types, but you cannot save the QR codes you created. Also, you’ll have access to QR Reader.

Free plan details

QR Code Dynamic also has a free plan, and it provides various features like 13 QR code types, three saved QR codes, one dynamic link, one project, one pixel, one team, one team member, 180 days of statistics retention, analytics, and QR Reader.

Pro plan details

The pro plan has 3 pricing options such as monthly, annual, and lifetime.

The monthly plan is $29, the annual plan is $290, and the lifetime is $590 for a limited time.

The pro plan provides 13 QR code types, unlimited saved QR codes, unlimited dynamic links, unlimited projects, unlimited pixels, and unlimited custom domains.

It also offers one team, three team members, unlimited days of statistics retention, analytics, password protection, sensitive content, custom back-half URL, QR reader, API access, and no ads.

To see payment details, go to the “Payments” part from your profile menu

going to the payments part from profile menu

You will see payment details under the “Account payments” section

account payments part on payments section
See “How to Renew & Change Your Current Plan” if you want to change or renew your plan.

That’s all for account payments! If you have any questions or need assistance with your account payments, feel free to contact our customer support team.