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How to Monitor QR Codes' Performance on QRCodeDynamic

Monitoring the performance of your QR codes is crucial for understanding their effectiveness and optimizing your campaigns. You can easily track and analyze key metrics associated with your QR codes.

Explore the steps below to monitor the performance of your QR codes effectively.

Step 1: Sign in and go to the "Dashboard"

going to the dashboard part
selecting links from left side
Note: You can only monitor URL QR codes' performance since you include links in them.

Step 3: Click "Stats" as shown below

stats section of links

You can see the page views of your QR code links under the "Stats" column. Click the icon to get detailed information about your links' statistics.

overview of link statistics

You can see the key metrics of your links in the "Overview" part.

A diagram visualizes the page views and visitors of your links so that you can get a better understanding of your QR code campaigns.

Also, there are sections like Entries, Countries, Cities, Referrers, Devices, Operating Systems, Browsers, Languages, and UTMs.

For further information, check out "Which Metrics are Available on Link Statistics."